Treasury Appointments Blocked Over Online Gambling?

Senator Jon Kyl is at his best again. Why there is no confirmation it looks like Kyl has put a hold on four of Obama’s Treasury Appointments. Kyl is not happy that the enforcement of the UIEGA has been delayed until June 1st 2010. Kyl has been a staunch opponent of online gambling and was a big part of the UIEGA being passed.

The delay in the enforcement of the UIEGA has given online gambling a new breath in the United States. Representative Barney Franks is hard at work pushing the passage of a bill to regulate and tax online gambling. This would toss out the UIEGA so while Kyl has not given a reason for his hold on the appointees one can only imagine his reasons. He has been a thorn in the side when it comes online gambling for some time and I don’t see that coming to an end anytime soon.

All we can do now is look to the future and hope that the recent push for legalization of online gambling in the US keeps moving. There are a few allies out there now including the World Trade Organization and EU. Definitely a movement to be followed……

Online Gambling in New Jersey

Senator Raymond Lesniak of New Jersey could be a hero to all the online gamblers in the state of New Jersey following the introduction of his bill to legalize online gambling in the state. Senator Lesniak is trying to get a jump start on the federal government so his state will already be reaping the rewards of profit.

In his bill the online gambling companies can only be located within Atlantic County but it opens the door for all the online gamblers in New Jersey. The bill is not only for online poker but many different forms of gambling. This is a bill that we all need to keep our eyes on and hope that it becomes law. Hopefully many other states will follow New Jersey. California is already looking at the steps it would take to legalize online poker. So could this be a start to great things, who knows but its great to see states finally realize the benefits of legalizing online gambling. Maybe just maybe the federal government will soon follow.

The NFL and the Moral High Ground

So being a huge American football fan, my interest was heightened when learning about the NFL’s quest to fight the moral battle against online gambling. I must admit I have never been a huge fan of the NFL anyway, it usually amounts to greed and that is once again being proven. College football is where it’s all at…Go Sooners!

The NFL has joined the moral high ground against all us poker players and gamblers to protect the integrity of the game? Ok I have a few choice words here that I won’t use because I do consider myself to be professional but sounds like to me the NFL is protecting its own profit while pushing the fight of Americans losing their freedoms. On a Sunday evening I can no longer play a hand of online poker but of course I can tune into the big game and listen to them talk about all the bets and so on.

The NFL has gone as far as hiring their own lobbyist, sitting up an office in Washington D.C. and forming a donation committee. So it’s not like the NFL is just publicly stating they are against online gambling. They are throwing money into it just like all the land based casinos in the states and using morals as an excuse. Last time I checked Fantasy football involved betting, but I’m sure those bets are carved out of the morals guidelines used by the NFL just like horse racing was carved out of the UIEGA.

 It will be interesting to see how all the poker players will react to the NFL coming in their homes and robbing them of their freedoms to play a hand of online poker because it’s immoral. I would love to hear any opinions offered on the matter. Well that’s all I have for now and as always happy betting!

New Legislation for Online Gambling and a settlement for Party Gaming

A new bill will be introduced by Rep Barney Franks mid April which will remove the ban for online gambling. The bill would also regulate and tax it so the US will finally get all the benefits of online gambling. Rep. Franks said he will introduce the legislation on its own merits and not attach it as a rider to any must pass bill. He wants this to be done properly unlike what the Republicans pulled in 2006 when passing the UIEGA. Hopefully it will gain support of lawmakers once they look at recent studies concluding the US could rake in taxes of up to $52 billion over the next 10 years.

On another gambling forefront Party Gaming has settled with the US Justice Department, which sent gambling stocks soaring. The settlement includes a payment to the US of $105 million over the next 3 years in trade the US will not prosecute. Seems like a steep price for doing nothing wrong but at least it will put their foot back in the door on the US market. Other companies such as will probably soon follow the settlement path. Everyone wants to be in good standing with the US when the door does open again.

So here are my two cents on both topics mentioned. Barney Franks may still have an uphill battle with overturning the UIEGA especially since the country is in such bad shape. Congress has its hands full with bailouts, job loss, and healthcare, not to mention the never ending war, so we will really have to see how this fits into the schedule. I believe the one good thing about the bill right now is the tax revenue it would bring the US. I mean this country is in shambles right now and really could use the extra money so let’s see.

As far as Party Gaming, I see why they did the settlement. I mean they are now in good standing with the US. But I don’t like that they backed down to the US because they were doing nothing wrong. There was no law before 2006 so they shouldn’t be punished for allowing US players to gamble before 2006. But who am I in this big world of online gambling….until next time….happy gambling!!

Could taxes be the key to regulated online gambling?

So 60 Minutes and the Washington Post teamed up to do a story on online gambling. They uncovered some wrong dealings with two big poker sites. So now this definitely plays into the hands of Barney Franks. The bill he wants to push through will regulate the industry which will stop alot of the coruption in the online gambling world. Then comes the issues of revenue. Everyone knows the US is down on money and has a new government that is ready to take charge and get this country back on it’s feet. So could taxing online gambling be the answer? This is something that will be very interesting to watch over the next few months. There is a problem though and his name is George Bush. He still has a bit of time that he can wreck havoc on the gambling industry by implenting the regulations for the banking sector. This will tie the hands of the new government which is probably a great way for Bush to go out. In my opinion January 20, 2009 can’t get here soon enough!!

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Wow what a week in the US…

Let’s look at the week in review. First and foremost Bush and his cronies are outta here!!!! Last night on TV it showed him teary eyed on the white house steps and joy entered my heart to finally see that man defeated. Obama will be taking over the white house come Jan 20. You all probably know my feelings on the matter if you read my previous articles so I need not carry on. Just one last way to go USA!!!
Another interesting development this week is Microgaming is leaving the US market. According to many sources as of Monday they will no longer take US players. Many believe it has to do with the Kentucky domain case which will be heard later this month. I am sure Republicans will make the next few months as uncomfortable as possible but it’s all about to change so hang in there. Sadly this leaves US players without many choices for online gaming unless they choose the less trustworthy sites. So now we need to put all chips in on Barney Franks and Ron Paul.
I really don’t know how I feel at this moment about the online gaming industry in the US. For me as a US citizen I feel cheated for not having rights to spend my money has I see fit, while many other countries are enjoying all the freedoms of online gambling. This is supposed to be the country of freedom, and democracy for all so what happened???
I am interested in the Kentucky case to see where it goes. Will the Kentucky court be challenged by the gaming industry? And if so how far are they willing to go? I don’t see much of a change until someone is ready to fight. The industry itself has a chance here to take a stand and show it is a legitimate industry. That’s the problem, all you hear in the US from these politicians continuously trying to end online gambling, is that the industry is untrustworthy and not regulated. Then what does the industry throw back at that?? NOTHING. As matter as fact it’s worse than nothing because they pull out of the US even more. How are we ever going to open the US market if no one is willing to fight? Or at least not run off every time a false claim is made. I know it takes a lot of courage to stand up to the US government but the law is on the side of the industry. I know there are many that probably don’t see it that way but that is my two cents on the matter. I really hope the industry fights this Kentucky case all the way to the Supreme Court if need be because with the election this week I feel we have a foot back in the door. Now we just need to open it. Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy betting!!

What just happened….

Today is a day we have to set gambling aside and realize what just happen in this country. What an astounding night for The UNITED States of America. I have never been so proud of this country. The saying I am proud to be an American will now be changed forever. After years and years of race dividing our country we showed the world that we have come together as one people, one country and that is truly amazing. The last eight years has ripped this country apart and now it’s time to heal all those wounds. It’s time to turn around all the injustices dealt by the current administration including the ban on online gambling. But for this day I just want to take in what I just witnessed and enjoy knowing that a new America is coming. These changes are not only going to affect us here, this is going to impact the whole world. So no matter where you are as you set here and read this article just remember these words “Yes we can, yes we will, and yes we did”. These words will forever be engrained into our history. And in ending as always happy betting.

This will be one of the most important days in US history….

The day we have all been waiting for is here. The United States will elect its next president. People are reporting across the country that lines at the polling places are lasting hours at a time. The buildup of this day has been has been coming over the last 19 months and the emotions are running high. Will it be a landslide for Obama or does McCain still have chance? That will be decided within hours now.
So what does this election mean to the world of online gambling? Neither of the candidates has come out for or against online gambling. As matter of fact the only thing we have heard about gambling is that Obama is a big poker player. So now for my opinion and I will admit ahead of time that I am very liberal in my views so you might want to turn back now.
Over the last 8 years the moral card has been played many times and its always by republicans so I am sure McCain will want to keep his base happy and state that online gambling is immoral. This is an issue that I could talk about all day but I will simply state one thing “who are they to judge me if I want to play a hand of poker with money I earned and paid taxes on.” As I remember it being said Thou shall not judge. Then you have democrats who traditionally are big on government. So in my view they are more likely to allow online gambling in the US as long as they collect the taxes and have regulation. We have heard that word at length recently, regulation or deregulation, with the big Wall Street Fiasco. Just one idea I am throwing out there, Democrats are for regulation while Republicans are for deregulation. And this country needs regulation when it comes to online gambling if we want the doors to open again.
Then Democrats are fighting mad about civil liberties being taken away during the Bush administration. So if there is an attempt to legalize online gambling I feel that Obama will be our best chance. But you know in this country right now if online gambling was our biggest worry we would be in great shape. For me this country is in need of a huge change. It needs hope again and not to feel hated by the world. So as I end my thoughts and people across this great country are casting their votes I ask you will that hope be delivered? As always happy betting and just for today…happy voting.

The Kentucky Boycott lives on…

So the boycott of Kentucky products and gaming services is well underway. There is even a website dedicated solely to the boycott itself, On the site you will find a petition to sign which will be delivered to the wonderful governor of Kentucky along with Judge Wingate. Along with the petition you will find a list of interesting things to boycott from the state of Kentucky like Bourbon. I still don’t know if this has a fighting chance to do anything in the case or the gaming industry but if it doesn’t cost much to support it then why not give it our best shot right?

You can donate money to the site to keep it going and hopefully Judge Wingate will see this is not what the people want or support because it seems it’s too late for Governor Beshear. In my opinion he has already lost his way and the will of the people is out the window.

There is other breaking news on the case. IMEGA has filed for Judge Wingates ruling to be overturned. This will have to go to The Kentucky State of Appeals but this will definitely be a development worth watching. So there is a lot going on the next few weeks. Not to mention the Presidential election in the US. Be sure to check my article later this week on the candidates and online gambling and until then happy betting.