China putting on the brakes when it comes to Macau?

Macau is now the most profitable industry in the world when it comes to casino style gambling.   The last few years we have seen US casinos popping up there like The Wynn, The Sands and even the ever so famous Venetian.  But here lately China has decided to throw  curve ball at the booming  Macau industry.  It all started in June with China limiting its people from Guangdong, China’s biggest gambling region, to one trip to Macau every three months.   

China seems to be concerned about the amount of money pouring into Macau which has now toppled the ever so big Las Vegas on earnings.  However since China has made this big power play the Macau industry is already feeling the heat.    According to travel agents due to the restrictions the number of visitors from Guangdong has dropped by half.  So what does this mean for Macau?  Will its time at the top only be short lived?  What does it mean for the big resorts from the US popping up throughout Macau?  Will there exit strategy start being planned?  And then there is Las Vegas, what does it mean for it?  Will it regain its throne to gambling capital of the world?  Only time will tell, and no one can predict China’s next move……

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