Could taxes be the key to regulated online gambling?

So 60 Minutes and the Washington Post teamed up to do a story on online gambling. They uncovered some wrong dealings with two big poker sites. So now this definitely plays into the hands of Barney Franks. The bill he wants to push through will regulate the industry which will stop alot of the coruption in the online gambling world. Then comes the issues of revenue. Everyone knows the US is down on money and has a new government that is ready to take charge and get this country back on it’s feet. So could taxing online gambling be the answer? This is something that will be very interesting to watch over the next few months. There is a problem though and his name is George Bush. He still has a bit of time that he can wreck havoc on the gambling industry by implenting the regulations for the banking sector. This will tie the hands of the new government which is probably a great way for Bush to go out. In my opinion January 20, 2009 can’t get here soon enough!!

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