Kentucky Gambling Boycott

Is the Poker Players of Kentucky really powerful enough to make this happen? Over the weekend Online Casino Advisory put out the following statement:
    “We at Online Casino Advisory are calling for a boycott by all gamblers, civil libertarians, and concerned protectors of the Internet of all products of Kentucky, or anything that produces Kentucky tax revenue. Until Beshear lifts his fascist order, every effort must be made to hurt the state’s coffers.“

Ok personally I dont see that happening, but maybe a boycott to horse racing and lottery tickets would be worth a try. It all comes down to how much pull groups such as The Poker Players Alliance, and IMEGA has in Kentucky. Besides that is what this is all about, the tax dollars that Kentucky loses to online poker rooms. Statements made by Governor Steve Beshear that he is all about protecting the children are just nonsense. At the end of the day it comes down to Governor Steve Beshear being a hypocrite and greedy. This is absolute protectionism at its worst, so maybe giving Governor Beshear a little taste of his own medicine just might be a remedy. So what could it hurt to spread the word right? So here is what Online Casino Advisory recommends:

“If you are a resident of Kentucky, buy your lottery tickets across state borders, or online from another state. If you attend Kentucky tracks, drive to Indiana or other states featuring full racinos. If you live near the state border, buy groceries and cigarettes outside Kentucky.

“Arlington Park in Illinois, Calder Race Track in Florida, and the Louisiana Fair Grounds are all Churchill Downs owned, and should also be boycotted.

“The more that all the people who are appalled at Beshear’s Internet censorship and violation of the Constitution let him know that his actions will be met with reaction, the sooner he realizes his mistakes.”
It just so happens that the live season for Churchhill Downs is about to begin so lets just see how what pull the online gambling community has on the great state of Kentucky. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one so be sure to comment. As always happy betting…

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