Kentucky Governor’s seat is getting hotter

The Kentucky Domain Saga continues. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Jeffrey Sandman, spokesperson for the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative, today issued the following statement:

“Governor Beshar is right to acknowledge that Internet gambling is flourishing in an underground marketplace and a change is needed to protect Kentuckians and all Americans. Unfortunately, his solution is flawed. Prohibition has failed before and is not likely to stop Kentuckians or anyone in the U.S. from continuing to find a way to gamble online.

“The movement to regulate Internet gambling, led by House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, advocates for a more responsible approach to protect consumers and capture billions of dollars to fund critical government programs, money that otherwise is lost to offshore businesses and out of the U.S. economy. Based on pending legislation, the Investing in our Human Resources Act (H.R.6051), Kentuckians could receive an estimated $556 million over 10 years to fund critical programs from regulated Internet gambling revenues. The bill also includes provisions to encourage responsible Internet gambling behavior and an awareness of unsafe practices, something problem gambling advocates praise.

“Gov. Beshar has shown great leadership in protecting Kentuckians’ individual right to gamble on horse racing and in casinos if they wish to opt for that form of entertainment. He should extend that right to those constituents who seek the freedom to gamble online, whether on poker, sports or other games.
“We encourage Gov. Beshar to reverse his position and support Internet gambling regulation as a sensible approach to protect the interests of his constituents.”

Meanwhile in Frankfurt Kentucky, the Franklin Circuit Court judge Thomas Wingate listened to more than three hours of arguments yesterday on the domain seizure case. Then he informed the court that he would need at least a week to make a decision on the case.

And while all this was happening the big domain hosting company started handing over domain names to the state of Kentucky. Obviously someone doesn’t read the news. On the other hand Network Solutions is holding strong and waiting for the ruling from Judge Wingate. Shame on you GoDaddy. So what does this mean for the average gambler? In my opinion it’s a big step to finally see someone stand up and fight for the gambling industry in court. Maybe just maybe this will be the beginning of the end of the UIEGA. My fellow gambling patrons and yes I am talking about the poker players too, pay attention to this case and be ready to put the pressure on your state politicians when the time comes. Well that’s it for now and as always…..happy betting!!!

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