Online Gambling in New Jersey

Senator Raymond Lesniak of New Jersey could be a hero to all the online gamblers in the state of New Jersey following the introduction of his bill to legalize online gambling in the state. Senator Lesniak is trying to get a jump start on the federal government so his state will already be reaping the rewards of profit.

In his bill the online gambling companies can only be located within Atlantic County but it opens the door for all the online gamblers in New Jersey. The bill is not only for online poker but many different forms of gambling. This is a bill that we all need to keep our eyes on and hope that it becomes law. Hopefully many other states will follow New Jersey. California is already looking at the steps it would take to legalize online poker. So could this be a start to great things, who knows but its great to see states finally realize the benefits of legalizing online gambling. Maybe just maybe the federal government will soon follow.

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