Kentucky Gambling Boycott

Is the Poker Players of Kentucky really powerful enough to make this happen? Over the weekend Online Casino Advisory put out the following statement:
    “We at Online Casino Advisory are calling for a boycott by all gamblers, civil libertarians, and concerned protectors of the Internet of all products of Kentucky, or anything that produces Kentucky tax revenue. Until Beshear lifts his fascist order, every effort must be made to hurt the state’s coffers.“

Ok personally I dont see that happening, but maybe a boycott to horse racing and lottery tickets would be worth a try. It all comes down to how much pull groups such as The Poker Players Alliance, and IMEGA has in Kentucky. Besides that is what this is all about, the tax dollars that Kentucky loses to online poker rooms. Statements made by Governor Steve Beshear that he is all about protecting the children are just nonsense. At the end of the day it comes down to Governor Steve Beshear being a hypocrite and greedy. This is absolute protectionism at its worst, so maybe giving Governor Beshear a little taste of his own medicine just might be a remedy. So what could it hurt to spread the word right? So here is what Online Casino Advisory recommends:

“If you are a resident of Kentucky, buy your lottery tickets across state borders, or online from another state. If you attend Kentucky tracks, drive to Indiana or other states featuring full racinos. If you live near the state border, buy groceries and cigarettes outside Kentucky.

“Arlington Park in Illinois, Calder Race Track in Florida, and the Louisiana Fair Grounds are all Churchill Downs owned, and should also be boycotted.

“The more that all the people who are appalled at Beshear’s Internet censorship and violation of the Constitution let him know that his actions will be met with reaction, the sooner he realizes his mistakes.”
It just so happens that the live season for Churchhill Downs is about to begin so lets just see how what pull the online gambling community has on the great state of Kentucky. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one so be sure to comment. As always happy betting…

Ruling of the decade? Of course not what did you expect..

So Judge Wingate offered his ever so delightful ruling yesterday and guess what our judge in Kentucky is trying to legislate from the bench as usual.  But hey who cares if the ramifications of this throw the cyber world into a frenzy just as long as Kentuckians don’t play a hand of poker on the internet.  They need to spend their time doing better things like betting on horse racing or buying lotto. Judge Wingate ruled that he will hear the case on Nov 17 instead of throwing out the case.  He proposed that sites that block the people of Kentucky will keep their domains but others will lose their domains. The operators have to actually show up in court to keep their domains.  So is this a big scheme to get all the operators on US soil?  Only time will tell and there is only a month to wait.  That’s all for now and as always happy betting!

The Count Down is on for the Kentucky Ruling

So the weekend didnt bring on much news for the gaming industry.  Everything seems to be hanging in limbo until Wenesdays ruling in Kentucky.  Although some intersting informtion did makes its way into the media.  Kentucky seems to have the largest number of poker players in ratio terms in the US, which even adds more ammo for the Poker Players Alliance.    A statemently recently issed by them claimed its all the more reason for them to strongly defend their stance in Kentucky.

Then on the other side there is who is strong defending its position on turning over websites to the court.  A statement issued by them reads as follows:

Go Daddy abides by Best Practice guidelines and cooperates with law enforcement as a matter of routine.

In accordance with our Registration Agreement, when Go Daddy receives a court order we take any necessary actions to ensure we are complying with the order. The domain names, in this case, are currently locked.

The domain names will remain locked until a hearing scheduled in October that will provide the registrants the opportunity to come forward and claim the seized property.

At this hearing, the court will determine whether the registrant qualifies for the return of the property.

As always, Go Daddy will follow any orders it receives from the court.

My opinion on the matter is yes GoDaddy needs to follow court orders but no reason to go belly up before there is even a final ruling in the case. So my comment to GoDaddy still stands and I will say it once more SHAME ON YOU!! Well that’s all for now and as always happy betting.

Kentucky Governor’s seat is getting hotter

The Kentucky Domain Saga continues. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Jeffrey Sandman, spokesperson for the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative, today issued the following statement:

“Governor Beshar is right to acknowledge that Internet gambling is flourishing in an underground marketplace and a change is needed to protect Kentuckians and all Americans. Unfortunately, his solution is flawed. Prohibition has failed before and is not likely to stop Kentuckians or anyone in the U.S. from continuing to find a way to gamble online.

“The movement to regulate Internet gambling, led by House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, advocates for a more responsible approach to protect consumers and capture billions of dollars to fund critical government programs, money that otherwise is lost to offshore businesses and out of the U.S. economy. Based on pending legislation, the Investing in our Human Resources Act (H.R.6051), Kentuckians could receive an estimated $556 million over 10 years to fund critical programs from regulated Internet gambling revenues. The bill also includes provisions to encourage responsible Internet gambling behavior and an awareness of unsafe practices, something problem gambling advocates praise.

“Gov. Beshar has shown great leadership in protecting Kentuckians’ individual right to gamble on horse racing and in casinos if they wish to opt for that form of entertainment. He should extend that right to those constituents who seek the freedom to gamble online, whether on poker, sports or other games.
“We encourage Gov. Beshar to reverse his position and support Internet gambling regulation as a sensible approach to protect the interests of his constituents.”

Meanwhile in Frankfurt Kentucky, the Franklin Circuit Court judge Thomas Wingate listened to more than three hours of arguments yesterday on the domain seizure case. Then he informed the court that he would need at least a week to make a decision on the case.

And while all this was happening the big domain hosting company started handing over domain names to the state of Kentucky. Obviously someone doesn’t read the news. On the other hand Network Solutions is holding strong and waiting for the ruling from Judge Wingate. Shame on you GoDaddy. So what does this mean for the average gambler? In my opinion it’s a big step to finally see someone stand up and fight for the gambling industry in court. Maybe just maybe this will be the beginning of the end of the UIEGA. My fellow gambling patrons and yes I am talking about the poker players too, pay attention to this case and be ready to put the pressure on your state politicians when the time comes. Well that’s it for now and as always…..happy betting!!!

The State of Kentucky being challenged!!!!

Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky may find himself sitting in the hot seat after his attack on the online gaming industry. is reporting that opponents to his sly attempt of taking over many gambling domains are gathering and plan to fight this case.

“We’re going to fight this one strongly,” said Rich Muny, president of the Kentucky chapter of the Poker Players Alliance.  Other groups such as Media Freedom Project are quite concerned about the State of Kentucky’s recent actions also.   They have called the states move a “dangerous step” that raises constitutional issues about due process. 

Many report this has an attempt for the State of Kentucky to thwart its competition.  Forget the moral issue that is usually raised when it comes to banning online gambling.  Just recently after being elected, the Governor himself was trying to make online gambling in his state legal.  Plus Kentucky already allows horse racing online not to mention bingo and a state lottery.  So the moral issue is out the window on this one. 

So has the time finally come where the US government will finally be challenged in its attempts to end our online gaming freedoms?  We have seen so many cases the last few years where these huge companies just duck out the minute they are challenged knowing the US is in the wrong!  This case will definitely be one to follow and hopefully justice will finally be served on the side of the people of the US and not the government.  Let’s keep our eyes open for this one and as usual happy betting!


Failing Economy now effecting poker rooms!!!

Breaking news after a world wind affair with the American market Duplicate poker is now shutting its doors.  Gambling 911 is reporting today that Duplicate Poker is closing due to the hard economical times. 

So now if you go to the Duplicate Poker site you will get their following heartfelt message:

 Dear players,

Duplicate is sadly bidding farewell to its players. Caught in the middle of the global financial situation the company is not able to continue to provide service. We are a small victim of the global financial crisis.

Regretfully as of the today, October 5th, 2008 we are closing our service. We thank our players for being with us. Hopefully at later time and in a better economic climate Duplicate Poker will re-appear.

The Duplicate Poker Team

 What a blow to the American poker market.  Just last week I was reading on this site gaining such momentum because people in the US could actually make a deposit using their credit cards. There was no more going through a three ringed circus just trying to play a hand of poker but as of Oct 5 it unfortunately ended.  I guess all we can do now is look to the future and hope that the legislation introduced will finally bring us poker players some playing justice.  Until then there are still rooms like  Until next time happy betting!


China putting on the brakes when it comes to Macau?

Macau is now the most profitable industry in the world when it comes to casino style gambling.   The last few years we have seen US casinos popping up there like The Wynn, The Sands and even the ever so famous Venetian.  But here lately China has decided to throw  curve ball at the booming  Macau industry.  It all started in June with China limiting its people from Guangdong, China’s biggest gambling region, to one trip to Macau every three months.   

China seems to be concerned about the amount of money pouring into Macau which has now toppled the ever so big Las Vegas on earnings.  However since China has made this big power play the Macau industry is already feeling the heat.    According to travel agents due to the restrictions the number of visitors from Guangdong has dropped by half.  So what does this mean for Macau?  Will its time at the top only be short lived?  What does it mean for the big resorts from the US popping up throughout Macau?  Will there exit strategy start being planned?  And then there is Las Vegas, what does it mean for it?  Will it regain its throne to gambling capital of the world?  Only time will tell, and no one can predict China’s next move……

Will Online Poker become legal in US or will sites like Pureplay winout?

So will Senate Bill 3616 be the lifeline for online poker?  And will Senator Robert Menendez from New Jersey be the one that saved it all?  Senator Menendez introduced a bill now known as the “The Internet Skill Game Licensing and Control Act of 2008” to the senate this week and if passed it would regulate online poker in the United States. The bill not only pertains to poker but all skill games including the ever so popular mahjong. 

If passed the bill would allow poker and other skill games to be regulated and taxed. According to John Pappas, Executive Director for the Poker Players Alliance, “This is really a bill that poker players could love.”

This is a bill the congress will take up next year which makes the upcoming elections just as important as ever for all you poker players.  So be sure to study up on whose who with your elected officials. 

Will online poker become legal in the US or will sites like win out?  For those of you who don’t know Pure Play have been around since 2005 and charge a membership fee so you can play online poker for prizes.  Does anyone out there have any experiences with  And if so be sure to include them in your comments.  So the hot button question of today, will the US finally start to get back on track when it comes to our gambling freedoms or will sites take over???? Notice I used the word start because casinos are not included in the new bill, but hey we have to start somewhere right? Have a great weekend and happy betting!!

Will Russia and CIS be rolling the dice?

Cryptologic is reporting today that the online gaming market will be expanding to Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Indepedant States).   It seems to be that Russians are big gamblers and Cryptologic now has exclusive gaming rights there.  We all love cryptologic and its software so do you think this will change the industry?  and if so how long will it be until others find their way into the Russian market? Well, all these questions should start being answered in the first quarter of 2009.  Any thoughts on the matter?  Its really amazing to me that democracy is spreading everywhere but the US!!

Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars safe for now???

So the Kentucky Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate granted a continuance in the matter today surrounding the seizures of many online gambling sites until October 7.  Not only do I find this ridiculous that the state won this case in the first place but didn’t even allow the other side a chance to fight…..oh wait I forgot we are talking about the US government.   I don’t know about you but this case really burns me up, does the US Government think they own the world.  Oh wait that’s what Bush uses as the term Democracy. Well I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  I sure hope Full Tilt and Poker Stars have great attorneys.  We need someone to finally stand up against these cheap shots and end them once and for all.  The Poker Players Alliance has a great start so post your thoughts here on what chance you think that these websites have of remaining online.