Ruling of the decade? Of course not what did you expect..

So Judge Wingate offered his ever so delightful ruling yesterday and guess what our judge in Kentucky is trying to legislate from the bench as usual.  But hey who cares if the ramifications of this throw the cyber world into a frenzy just as long as Kentuckians don’t play a hand of poker on the internet.  They need to spend their time doing better things like betting on horse racing or buying lotto. Judge Wingate ruled that he will hear the case on Nov 17 instead of throwing out the case.  He proposed that sites that block the people of Kentucky will keep their domains but others will lose their domains. The operators have to actually show up in court to keep their domains.  So is this a big scheme to get all the operators on US soil?  Only time will tell and there is only a month to wait.  That’s all for now and as always happy betting!

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