The Count Down is on for the Kentucky Ruling

So the weekend didnt bring on much news for the gaming industry.  Everything seems to be hanging in limbo until Wenesdays ruling in Kentucky.  Although some intersting informtion did makes its way into the media.  Kentucky seems to have the largest number of poker players in ratio terms in the US, which even adds more ammo for the Poker Players Alliance.    A statemently recently issed by them claimed its all the more reason for them to strongly defend their stance in Kentucky.

Then on the other side there is who is strong defending its position on turning over websites to the court.  A statement issued by them reads as follows:

Go Daddy abides by Best Practice guidelines and cooperates with law enforcement as a matter of routine.

In accordance with our Registration Agreement, when Go Daddy receives a court order we take any necessary actions to ensure we are complying with the order. The domain names, in this case, are currently locked.

The domain names will remain locked until a hearing scheduled in October that will provide the registrants the opportunity to come forward and claim the seized property.

At this hearing, the court will determine whether the registrant qualifies for the return of the property.

As always, Go Daddy will follow any orders it receives from the court.

My opinion on the matter is yes GoDaddy needs to follow court orders but no reason to go belly up before there is even a final ruling in the case. So my comment to GoDaddy still stands and I will say it once more SHAME ON YOU!! Well that’s all for now and as always happy betting.

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