The Kentucky Boycott lives on…

So the boycott of Kentucky products and gaming services is well underway. There is even a website dedicated solely to the boycott itself, On the site you will find a petition to sign which will be delivered to the wonderful governor of Kentucky along with Judge Wingate. Along with the petition you will find a list of interesting things to boycott from the state of Kentucky like Bourbon. I still don’t know if this has a fighting chance to do anything in the case or the gaming industry but if it doesn’t cost much to support it then why not give it our best shot right?

You can donate money to the site to keep it going and hopefully Judge Wingate will see this is not what the people want or support because it seems it’s too late for Governor Beshear. In my opinion he has already lost his way and the will of the people is out the window.

There is other breaking news on the case. IMEGA has filed for Judge Wingates ruling to be overturned. This will have to go to The Kentucky State of Appeals but this will definitely be a development worth watching. So there is a lot going on the next few weeks. Not to mention the Presidential election in the US. Be sure to check my article later this week on the candidates and online gambling and until then happy betting.

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