The NFL and the Moral High Ground

So being a huge American football fan, my interest was heightened when learning about the NFL’s quest to fight the moral battle against online gambling. I must admit I have never been a huge fan of the NFL anyway, it usually amounts to greed and that is once again being proven. College football is where it’s all at…Go Sooners!

The NFL has joined the moral high ground against all us poker players and gamblers to protect the integrity of the game? Ok I have a few choice words here that I won’t use because I do consider myself to be professional but sounds like to me the NFL is protecting its own profit while pushing the fight of Americans losing their freedoms. On a Sunday evening I can no longer play a hand of online poker but of course I can tune into the big game and listen to them talk about all the bets and so on.

The NFL has gone as far as hiring their own lobbyist, sitting up an office in Washington D.C. and forming a donation committee. So it’s not like the NFL is just publicly stating they are against online gambling. They are throwing money into it just like all the land based casinos in the states and using morals as an excuse. Last time I checked Fantasy football involved betting, but I’m sure those bets are carved out of the morals guidelines used by the NFL just like horse racing was carved out of the UIEGA.

 It will be interesting to see how all the poker players will react to the NFL coming in their homes and robbing them of their freedoms to play a hand of online poker because it’s immoral. I would love to hear any opinions offered on the matter. Well that’s all I have for now and as always happy betting!

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