The State of Kentucky being challenged!!!!

Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky may find himself sitting in the hot seat after his attack on the online gaming industry. is reporting that opponents to his sly attempt of taking over many gambling domains are gathering and plan to fight this case.

“We’re going to fight this one strongly,” said Rich Muny, president of the Kentucky chapter of the Poker Players Alliance.  Other groups such as Media Freedom Project are quite concerned about the State of Kentucky’s recent actions also.   They have called the states move a “dangerous step” that raises constitutional issues about due process. 

Many report this has an attempt for the State of Kentucky to thwart its competition.  Forget the moral issue that is usually raised when it comes to banning online gambling.  Just recently after being elected, the Governor himself was trying to make online gambling in his state legal.  Plus Kentucky already allows horse racing online not to mention bingo and a state lottery.  So the moral issue is out the window on this one. 

So has the time finally come where the US government will finally be challenged in its attempts to end our online gaming freedoms?  We have seen so many cases the last few years where these huge companies just duck out the minute they are challenged knowing the US is in the wrong!  This case will definitely be one to follow and hopefully justice will finally be served on the side of the people of the US and not the government.  Let’s keep our eyes open for this one and as usual happy betting!


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