This will be one of the most important days in US history….

The day we have all been waiting for is here. The United States will elect its next president. People are reporting across the country that lines at the polling places are lasting hours at a time. The buildup of this day has been has been coming over the last 19 months and the emotions are running high. Will it be a landslide for Obama or does McCain still have chance? That will be decided within hours now.
So what does this election mean to the world of online gambling? Neither of the candidates has come out for or against online gambling. As matter of fact the only thing we have heard about gambling is that Obama is a big poker player. So now for my opinion and I will admit ahead of time that I am very liberal in my views so you might want to turn back now.
Over the last 8 years the moral card has been played many times and its always by republicans so I am sure McCain will want to keep his base happy and state that online gambling is immoral. This is an issue that I could talk about all day but I will simply state one thing “who are they to judge me if I want to play a hand of poker with money I earned and paid taxes on.” As I remember it being said Thou shall not judge. Then you have democrats who traditionally are big on government. So in my view they are more likely to allow online gambling in the US as long as they collect the taxes and have regulation. We have heard that word at length recently, regulation or deregulation, with the big Wall Street Fiasco. Just one idea I am throwing out there, Democrats are for regulation while Republicans are for deregulation. And this country needs regulation when it comes to online gambling if we want the doors to open again.
Then Democrats are fighting mad about civil liberties being taken away during the Bush administration. So if there is an attempt to legalize online gambling I feel that Obama will be our best chance. But you know in this country right now if online gambling was our biggest worry we would be in great shape. For me this country is in need of a huge change. It needs hope again and not to feel hated by the world. So as I end my thoughts and people across this great country are casting their votes I ask you will that hope be delivered? As always happy betting and just for today…happy voting.

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