What just happened….

Today is a day we have to set gambling aside and realize what just happen in this country. What an astounding night for The UNITED States of America. I have never been so proud of this country. The saying I am proud to be an American will now be changed forever. After years and years of race dividing our country we showed the world that we have come together as one people, one country and that is truly amazing. The last eight years has ripped this country apart and now it’s time to heal all those wounds. It’s time to turn around all the injustices dealt by the current administration including the ban on online gambling. But for this day I just want to take in what I just witnessed and enjoy knowing that a new America is coming. These changes are not only going to affect us here, this is going to impact the whole world. So no matter where you are as you set here and read this article just remember these words “Yes we can, yes we will, and yes we did”. These words will forever be engrained into our history. And in ending as always happy betting.

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