Wow what a week in the US…

Let’s look at the week in review. First and foremost Bush and his cronies are outta here!!!! Last night on TV it showed him teary eyed on the white house steps and joy entered my heart to finally see that man defeated. Obama will be taking over the white house come Jan 20. You all probably know my feelings on the matter if you read my previous articles so I need not carry on. Just one last way to go USA!!!
Another interesting development this week is Microgaming is leaving the US market. According to many sources as of Monday they will no longer take US players. Many believe it has to do with the Kentucky domain case which will be heard later this month. I am sure Republicans will make the next few months as uncomfortable as possible but it’s all about to change so hang in there. Sadly this leaves US players without many choices for online gaming unless they choose the less trustworthy sites. So now we need to put all chips in on Barney Franks and Ron Paul.
I really don’t know how I feel at this moment about the online gaming industry in the US. For me as a US citizen I feel cheated for not having rights to spend my money has I see fit, while many other countries are enjoying all the freedoms of online gambling. This is supposed to be the country of freedom, and democracy for all so what happened???
I am interested in the Kentucky case to see where it goes. Will the Kentucky court be challenged by the gaming industry? And if so how far are they willing to go? I don’t see much of a change until someone is ready to fight. The industry itself has a chance here to take a stand and show it is a legitimate industry. That’s the problem, all you hear in the US from these politicians continuously trying to end online gambling, is that the industry is untrustworthy and not regulated. Then what does the industry throw back at that?? NOTHING. As matter as fact it’s worse than nothing because they pull out of the US even more. How are we ever going to open the US market if no one is willing to fight? Or at least not run off every time a false claim is made. I know it takes a lot of courage to stand up to the US government but the law is on the side of the industry. I know there are many that probably don’t see it that way but that is my two cents on the matter. I really hope the industry fights this Kentucky case all the way to the Supreme Court if need be because with the election this week I feel we have a foot back in the door. Now we just need to open it. Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy betting!!

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